About us

At Sova we’ve always been pioneers. We knew when we created Sova that our clients wanted a personalised, digitally enabled, simplified assessment journey that is fast and affordable. And so, we’ve drawn on the best of science and the best of technology to offer a seamless digital solution to assessment that is personalised from the very first interaction.


Sova was founded in 2015 by well-known innovator in the world of psychometric assessment, Dr Alan Bourne. The team is a tight-knit group of organisational psychologists, product developers and technical experts who are passionate about moving traditional assessment forwards into the ultra-modern digital world.

We’re proud to be disruptors in the assessment market. But we’re psychologists as well as technologists and we don’t do anything that we can’t prove works. We're not restricted by legacy models or by frameworks anchored in the past. Instead, we apply our deep understanding of psychology to the future.

Our talent assessments provide a future-focused view of people and potential, for recruitment and development, at every career stage, at every level.


Dr. Alan Bourne

CEO & Founder

Silvia Barcellona

Project Coordinator

Hannah Edwards

Consultancy Operations Manager

Charlotte Goodman

Senior Client Partner

Valerie Gunn

Global Client Services Manager

Jarret Hardie

Chief Technology Officer

Christine Higgs

Chief Revenue Officer

Lucie Ilbury

Head of Consulting Services

Ian Kershaw

Senior Client Director

Grace Kulubya

Senior Consultant

David Lythgoe

Head of Finance and Operations

Sarah Mortenson

Head of Customised Solutions

Gavin Mulcahy

Director, Ireland & UK

Kerris O'Brien

Operations Manager

Caine Pooley

Client Support Specialist

Claire Rahmatallah

Director of Marketing

Jonathon Rook

Director, Sova Middle East

Abigail Scott

Director, Australia

Emma Stirling

Product Development Manager

Mahesh Surani

Technical Programme Manager

Nicola Tatham

Director of Product and Customised Solutions

Mon Wallwork

Managing Consultant

Jenny Wan

Implementation Consultant

Aziza Young

Client Success Manager


We work with organisations around the world, providing talent acquisition and management services, learning and assessment solutions.

Sova Assessment has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 27001: 2017