About us

Sova offers one unified assessment platform to power your people decisions. Through our fully configurable assessment platform we enable organisations to make data-driven decisions that are fair, robust and explainable at every stage of the employee journey.


We help you create immersive, interactive and seamless digital candidate experiences with engaging and relevant insight into roles, your organisation and values. The ability to select a fully customised combination of assessments creates a coherent experience for candidates and managers.

Sova offers the flexibility and accessibility of a best-in-class SaaS platform with the expertise, accuracy and compliance of a leading assessment provider. We apply AI ethically, intelligently and responsibly so that decisions are based on science, powered by technology. The results help organisations make better hiring decisions, build teams, develop leaders, and ultimately achieve business success.

In a landscape where organisational agility and transformation are always on client agendas, we’ll help you find and nurture the people you really need by enabling you to analyse assessment outcomes across cycles, timeframes and teams. We provide a future-focused view of people and potential, for recruitment and development, for every role, at every career stage, at every level.


We are currently expanding our team, in the UK and overseas. Click here to find out more.


We work with organisations around the world, providing talent acquisition and management services, learning and assessment solutions.
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Sova Assessment has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 27001: 2017