Emma Stirling

As Product Development Manager at Sova, I focus on developing and enhancing Sova’s portfolio of personality and ability assessments and reports, as well as building bespoke and customised solutions for Sova clients. I also provide psychometric support and advice to clients, partners and colleagues, and ensure best practice in the translation and cultural adaptation of our international products.

I’m a business psychologist, specialising in research and development. I can help clients use assessments but I’m most interested in how they work. I have a passion for data and measurement precision, which is at the heart of what we do. I develop various types of assessments from concept, through building, trialling and refining, to roll out. Once in use, I conduct validation, diversity and other analyses to help organisations understand their assessment data and ensure they are achieving the most accurate and effective results.

I enjoy running, music gigs and exploring the world. I love meeting the people, seeing the wildlife and learning how to cook the food of different cultures.