We understand the importance of developing deep and strategic partnerships with our clients above and beyond our operational duties and we do this in a number of impactful ways:

Strategic roundtables

Throughout the year we host a series of strategic roundtables. The purpose of these roundtables, which are led and hosted by a Sova client, is to give our client partners the opportunity to discuss and dissect a topic or business theme that is of importance and relevance to them. The roundtables also enable clients to meet and connect with each other and offer relevant and meaningful networking opportunities. Each roundtable is by invitation only and operates under Chatham House Rules. Towards the end of the year we will publish a Sova Roundtable booklet, containing a summary of each roundtable.


We also run regular webinars, where we explore how digitalisation is changing the world of talent acquisition and online assessment, and share best practice on how to design a personalised, frictionless, end-to-end assessment experience.

Upcoming webinars

Client profile building

Speaking opportunities

We meet with our clients and support/encourage them to speak at relevant events, both Sova and other third-party events.

Case studies

We are proud to work with many organisations who are passionate about using assessment to find and develop talent. Sharing your client story with others is an effective way to showcase and celebrate your commitment to excellence in talent assessment. Read some of our recent client case studies to find out more.