Gavin Mulcahy

I’m a Director at Sova and manage our Irish business. My role involves working with our clients in Ireland but also within the UK and across EMEA, supporting them to ensure we deliver robust, engaging and candidate-focused assessment solutions. In addition, I work closely with our strategic partners to support the growth of Sova within existing and new geographical locations.

I’m a Chartered Occupational Psychologist and registered test user with the British Psychological Society. I spent the early part of my career within the public sector before moving into various consulting roles where I learnt my trade creating psychometric content, delivering one-to-one assessments and managing assessment processes. My more recent and current roles have allowed me to focus on core aspects that I really enjoy – working directly with clients, formulating solutions and building long-term relationships. My career has enabled me to travel extensively which is something I am passionate about. This has included time in Australia and several years spent living in Malaysia, working with organisations across the Asia Pacific region.

I have two gorgeous daughters who as well as providing endless fun and entertainment, do a pretty good job of ensuring I don’t have any spare time. I enjoy spending time with friends and I’m often happiest when working on a DIY or renovation project, knocking a wall down or building one back up.