Mahesh Surani

As the Head of Digital Innovation at Sova, I am responsible for the delivery of a fantastic user experience of our Sova platform to all of our users! It’s key to have an easy to use, intuitive solution that anyone can pick up and use. As well as this, I am involved in delivering new products to our platform to continually grow our offering to new and existing clients.

I bring extensive IT experience having worked throughout the lifecycle of numerous multinational projects and have undertaken roles including business analysis, business architecture, programme and project management, high level solution architecture and development. I’ve worked with technical and business teams, locally and internationally across key industries including retail, e-commerce, fashion, media, finance and consulting.

I have a keen passion for technology and travelling. I’ve travelled to every continent apart from Antarctica (for obvious reasons!) but am always keen to find a new place to travel to and experience the culture!