Automation and AI: HR directors must keep a finger on machine learning

Personnel Today – August 2019

Using AI to recruit and retain employees is hugely advantageous in terms of establishing a holistic and cost-effective process, but it’s vital that HR directors should retain full control of implementing systems so that bias and non-compliance do not creep in, writes Dr Alan Bourne.

In our experience, if used responsibly, AI and machine learning can help organisations find more best-fit employees, eliminate bias and make the whole recruitment journey more efficient and better for the candidate. We are using it with clients to improve their organisational agility and to create fair and robust development processes. In the future we see it not only supporting a wide range of assessment functions, but also ensuring a better and more effective employee journey, increasing the ability of organisations to be agile and adaptable.

However, one of the key issues HR directors face, which other sector practitioners are better used to dealing with, is linking technology and data integration. For AI and automation to work effectively, the data points need to link up and integrate so that there is a continuous feedback loop.

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