Preparation tips

A psychometric assessment is an opportunity for you and employer to find out more about your suitability for a role. Here are our top tips for helping the process go smoothly.

  • Get online. Ensure you have a good internet connection and the web browser that you will use to complete the assessments is compatible with the Sova platform.
  • Find the right place. A quiet place without interruptions or distractions will enable you to perform at your best. Think about places where you work and concentrate well and make sure you can take your assessment in a place that suits your working style.
  • Allow plenty of time. To perform at your best, you don’t want to feel under time pressure. As well as time for the assessment, take in to account the time required to read the instructions and complete the practice questions at the start of the test into your planning.
  • Read the instructions. Although you might be familiar with the type of test you’ve been invited to complete, it’s still important to take time to read the instructions carefully in case there is anything new or different compared to tests you have taken in the past.
  • Be yourself. Remember that when it comes to personality questions and video interviews, there are no ‘right’ answers, so it is important to just be yourself. This will ensure that you, and the organisation you’re applying to, are the ‘right fit’ for each other.


Sova is committed to creating an equitable, fair and bias-free process for every applicant. We want to help businesses make better people decisions that are fair, accurate, objective and transparent. If you believe you need adjustments to be made to the assessment process, contact the organisation to which you are applying in the first instance.

We will work with the organisation to make adjustments based on your individual needs. This might include additional time, a scribe, a screen reader or other changes to ensure you can perform at your best. It’s important to speak to the hiring organisation about accessibility as your requirements may need to be considered in other parts of the selection process too.