Take part in a trial

We are creating some new ability tests for use with frontline jobs such as customer service, retail sales, administrative and operational staff and we need your help! Part of the process of designing a new test involves trialling it with lots of people and analysing the data to make sure it’s measuring the right factors and that it has been designed to be fair and objective.

By taking part in this trial, you’ll be helping us to fine tune the questions we include in the final version so that we can gain a true measure of someone’s true ability in relation to:

  • checking and accuracy skills
  • reasoning with and understanding written information
  • reasoning with and understanding numerical information

At the start of the assessment you’ll be asked a series of introductory questions and we use this information to help us ensure that the final assessment is fair and inclusive for everyone.

Once you’ve completed the test you will receive a feedback report. As the assessment is in the trial stage and the difficulty level of the questions included will often change, your report should be used as a guide only, and not a definitive indication of your ability. This is a great opportunity to practice taking an ability assessment because the types of questions you’ll see are just like the types of questions you might see when applying for a job.

Tips for completing the assessment:

  • Set aside about 30 minutes when you won’t be interrupted or distracted
  • Ensure that you have a calculator, some rough paper or a notepad, plus a pen or pencil

Feel free to come back and try the assessment again at some stage – the content will change over the coming weeks as we adjust the difficulty level of the questions.

Take the trial test