Client story: LexisNexis

Building a talent pipeline at LexisNexis

LexisNexis Legal & Professional is a leading global provider of legal, regulatory and business information and analytics that help customers increase productivity, improve decision-making and outcomes, and advance the rule of law around the world.

Objective: Building a talent pipeline

Based in New York, the Global Strategy Team is a critical hub of expertise, providing senior leaders across LexisNexis with cutting-edge insight and support, to drive the growth of the organisation. Typically, people working in this team do so for between 18-24 months, before they are deployed into other strategic roles within a global business unit, and as such they are an important talent pipeline.

However, finding people who combine technical know-how, with the capability to progress and fit into the organisation was proving to be a challenge. Given the strategic importance of the role, LexisNexis wanted to take a data-driven, more objective approach to the identification and selection of applicants to this role.

The first step was to re-visit the requirement of the role itself. Working alongside senior stakeholders, the Global Talent Acquisition Team undertook an analysis of the role to determine the skills and behaviours required. The second step was to find a partner who could provide an assessment tool to objectively measure and evaluate people against the success criteria.

“It’s critical that we make the right hiring decisions, particularly as the Global Strategy Team is such an important part of our talent pipeline. In selecting Sova Assessment, we’ve found a partner who understood our business needs and built a solution which feels very much part of LexisNexis.”

Jennifer Lemaigre, VP Global Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, LexisNexis

Solution: Flexible and engaging

It was clear at the outset of the project that engaging with and securing the buy-in from senior stakeholders was going to be a key factor in the success of the initiative, and our approach put the client at the heart of the development process.

Taking the output from the job analysis exercise, we mapped the framework onto our personality item bank, producing an online client-branded questionnaire. The questionnaire is available on a user-friendly, mobile-first platform for applicants to complete from any device.

Taking care to reflect the language of LexisNexis, we designed three reports which included a narrative summary for all applicants, developmental feedback to support on-boarding of successful applicants and a recruitment output containing a detailed breakdown of results and interview questions.

To help embed this new approach and demonstrate the value of the assessment, the questionnaire was piloted with the top team and 12 internal strategy consultants. This involved completion of the assessment, followed by a one to one feedback session with one of Sova’s experienced organisational psychologists. With overwhelmingly positive feedback from the business, the assessment was integrated into the hiring process for the Global Strategy Team.

Result: Objective, user-friendly and insightful

The assessment has been already been used to successfully recruit a new Strategy Consultant and will be part of the hiring process as the team continues to grow.

Feedback from candidates is that they find the questionnaire easy to use, modern and engaging. For those involved in the hiring process, the reports are insightful and help inform their decision-making.

For Jennifer Lemaigre, the benefits of the solution go further:

"We now have a process which helps remove gut instinct from the hiring process, allowing us to be more disciplined and consistent in the way we identify and select talent. Throughout, Sova have been outstanding, professional and responsive."

The consultation with key stakeholders throughout the process has resulted in interest from other parts of the organisation, to apply a similar, objective approach to hiring decisions.