Covid-19 Support

We recognise that organisations all over the world, are grappling with the speed and extent of the disruption caused by Coronavirus. To this end, we are doing all we can to help, particularly for those on the frontline, with packages of support that are fast, highly cost-effective and quick to implement.

We are committed to helping organisations keep the wheels turning and be responsive to the evolving situation. These packages are intended to be the starting point for a conversation, so if you’re facing issues with replacing face-to-face assessment and interview or how you lead and support a remote workforce, please get in touch.

Essential Worker Solution:

If your organisation is hiring essential workers, we recognise that you need fast, cost-effective technology-enabled solutions to help you recruit during the pandemic. Our assessment technology platform is already supporting Waitrose with their intensely high volume of recruitment, processing over 12,000 candidates in one week alone.

The package can include some or all of the following:

  • Off-the-shelf online screening assessment
  • Video Interview technology for conducting asynchronous interviews
  • Virtual Working Report for candidates, providing advice and guidance for onboarding
  • Virtual Assessment Centre platform to fully automate the scheduling, deployment, scoring and feedback of an assessment centre.

Please note, there is no charge for the Video interview and the Virtual Working Report to help you save money and time, whilst retaining rigour in your hiring decisions.

Minimising Hiring Disruption:

For those organisations who do not fall into the essential worker category, but who still need to keep the wheels turning on their recruitment activity, we can provide an end-to-end virtual assessment process including video interview and virtual assessment centres. This package replaces the need for face-to-face assessment and importantly, allows you to transpose your assessment centre online so you can keep assessing in a consistent, fast and fair way.

There will be no charge for video interview or if using our off-the-shelf personality questionnaire, the Virtual Working Report.

Agile, Virtual Leadership:

For many organisations they will be managing their workforces remotely for the first time. To support leaders to manage their teams effectively we can offer the Leadership Agility Questionnaire plus remote coaching and feedback sessions.

This will not be a free service but will be priced sensitively to ensure it is accessible for as many organisations as possible.

Adapting to Virtual Working:

For many, working remotely will be a new challenge and may be a cause of stress and lack of productivity. We have created a report mapped against our Personality Questionnaire which provides help and guidance for individuals and will be available to organisations to support their staff.

There is no charge for organisations who are interested in the report. To obtain access to this report, please complete the form below.