How to bring future-readiness to your business

Business Chief ANZ – February 2020

Change has become the new normal, so it’s never been more important for businesses to be agile – ready, willing and capable to respond to an ever-changing market and, as we’ve seen with the recent tragic bushfires, even the environmental landscape.

No organisation is blessed with a crystal ball to predict the future, so who knows when the next Netflix or Uber will come along? However, one thing that is a constant in these turbulent times, is an organisation’s workforce – without which, no company can survive, let alone thrive.

Companies to weather these storms will be those who successfully manage to utilise their people strategy to underpin business goals. Specifically, staffing organisations with those who may not necessarily possess all the technical skills for the future (whatever they may be), but with the soft skills to be able to respond positively to the inevitable challenges that will arise, as well as the appetite to actively seek out change needed to progress – agility.

A ‘good hire’ used to be judged by conformity, uniformity and conscientiousness. This blue-print is instead being replaced by those possessing ‘the 4 A’s of Agility

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