How to make the most of HR tech in 2020: new developments and strategic connections

The HR World – October 2019

There is a growing maturity in the HR tech market from buyers who are focusing on precisely what business outcome they’re trying to solve through effective talent management solutions. One of the key issues HRDs face currently as they source products and services that deliver elements of the HR function is fragmentation. Although we have successfully moved from analogue to lots of high-tech point solutions that solve for particular problems, these don’t currently link together to deliver business outcomes or strategic focus.

A proliferation of core HR systems at the macro level will probably continue, but with less interest from HRDs in having a plethora of  “bits and pieces” plugin solutions, and greater interest in a smaller number of broader plugins that integrate with their core HR system, enabling these macro systems to become data-led and much more strategic. The explosion of HR tech we have seen over the past half-decade or so will begin to narrow down again, to deliver robust solutions.   

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