Video presentations

Partner Spotlight: Fusion Graduate Consultancy

In this series of videos, Sophie Upton, Graduate Programmes Account Manager at Fusion, discusses our relationship, the graduate market in Australia and how clients have adapted to delivering assessment centres virtually.

Building a scalable and resilient hiring process

RL100 Virtual Summit - October 2020

Resourcing teams have always been under pressure to design efficient, effective, engaging and fair hiring processes. In the light of Covid-19, we should also add ‘resilient’ to that list – the ability to switch between the in-person and face-to-face elements of the recruitment process. In this presentation Gavin Mulcahy explores how organisations are navigating these challenges and show how to build a hiring process without the trade-offs.

Using fair assessment to tackle bias in recruitment

RL100 Virtual Summit - October 2020

The recruitment process is the entry point for talent coming into the organisation so it’s essential to build objectivity into every stage of the recruitment process. Scientific evidence and employment data consistently show that many of the decisions we make as humans are deeply flawed; that discrimination and bias are systemic and endemic in many organisations and the prospects of people in minority groups are severely compromised.In this presentation Dr Alan Bourne explains why we believe that assessment technology, including the ethical, transparent application of machine learning if focused in the right way, has the power to create a level playing field for recruitment and career progression.

The Workforce of the Future

In-House Recruitment - October 2019

Jeremy Tipper, HR Services & Tech Entrepreneur, discusses the importance of taking a holistic view of the workforce. Attracting the best hires means knowing your candidates’ needs and being aware of current trends in the market.

Remaking assessment for the digital world

In-House Recruitment - October 2019

Dr Alan Bourne, CEO and Founder of Sova, shares his thoughts and knowledge on some of the challenges the traditional assessment process faces, specifically around the candidate experience.

Assessment, AI and Diversity

RL100 - September 2019

Dr Alan Bourne, CEO and Founder of Sova, discusses how science and technology can work hand in hand to deliver effective, efficient and ethical talent assessment processes.

Assessment in the Age of the Algorithm

Sova Assessment in the Age of the Algorithm event - May 2019

Lord Clement-Jones, former chair of the House of Lords Select Committee on AI, speaks to Jeremy Tipper, Strategic Advisor, Sova, on how business leaders can embrace new technology and be aligned with the workforce, setting them up for success and to be ready for change.

Building a Workforce for the Future

Sova Assessment in the Age of the Algorithm event - May 2019

Hema Bakhshi, a strategic advisor helping people, corporates and start-ups navigate the Future of Work, explains how change is currently impacting today’s business models and re-imagining how they best support the workforce of tomorrow.