Rethinking your assessment process for recruitment success

All too often organisations make compromises when designing an assessment process – using blunt assessment measures to reduce the volume of applications at the expense of fairness; or introducing multiple assessments to make the best hiring decision, only to alienate applicants with a long drawn out process.

At our breakfast event hosted in partnership with In-House Recruitment, we explored into the different ways you can transform your assessment processes for the digital age.

The workforce of the future

The event started with a presentation from Jeremy Tipper, HR Services & Tech Entrepreneur, who discussed the importance of taking a holistic view of the workforce. Attracting the best hires means knowing your candidates’ needs and being aware of current trends in the market.

Watch the presentation in full to find out more.

Remaking assessment for the digital world

Following Jeremy’s presentation, Dr Alan Bourne, CEO and Founder of Sova, shared his thoughts and knowledge on some of the challenges the traditional assessment process faces, specifically around the candidate experience.

Watch the full presentation to discover more on our approach to unified assessment.