Sova is a TalentCulture 2020 HR Technology Award Winner

We are delighted and proud to be selected as a TalentCulture HR Technology 2020 award winner.

TalentCulture selected winners across a range of HR technology categories and evaluated them against a strict grid of requirements that range from a thorough demonstration of the technology’s power to successfully deliver on its promise and satisfy the end user successfully, to a background analysis of user and employee comments of the product and brand. 

“We didn’t aim for this to be your typical “Top 10” awards program. We opened it up to the technologies that excel at what they do, rather than limiting the list to a select few. We pride ourselves on keeping our finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the human resources technology space, so this award is not only important to us and our outstanding winners but sought after by the TalentCulture Community,” states Cyndy Trivella, Managing Partner, TalentCulture. 

The evaluation panel remarked “What we love: Sova is a fully configurable assessment platform powered by AI-driven data; accessible on desktop as well as mobile devices so hiring teams can access on the go; designed to enhance the job seeker and candidate experience through every phase of the hiring process.”

Alan Bourne, CEO and founder Sova Assessment commented, “We are extremely proud to be selected as a Talent Culture HR Technology award winner. For too long organisations have been poorly served by legacy assessment methods which don’t deliver on candidate experience, diversity, efficiency or connected data insight. The union of science and technology allows us to configure an assessment experience which delivers on every level.”

You can learn more about the TalentCulture HR Tech Awards winners here.