Sova Middle-East on how to hire and grow leaders for business success when the speed of change is exponential

Business Chief Middle East – July 2019

All over the world, the expectations and requirements for business leaders are evolving fast. Gone are the days when command and control was the style of leadership that delivered the most success for an organisation. In a rapidly changing, digitally-focused environment we need to leave behind traditional models of leadership. Assessing what makes a good leader both in hiring into our C-suites but also in the leaders of the future, requires us to focus on the skills and attributes that can ensure an organisation adapts and flexes to new challenges and disruptions.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the Middle East where the pace of change is at breakneck speed and the ambition across the public and private sectors knows no bounds. By assessing leaders for their ability to adapt, to be agile, alongside their ability to ensure the organisations they lead are also agile and future-focused, it is possible to keep up with and even stay ahead of the ever-steepening curve of change.

Leadership agility is a holistic approach to leading and managing complex change that requires an ability to manage paradox, and use head, heart, hands and spirit in service of business transformation. We can assess leadership agility and therefore potential for success in a role and in business, against ‘the 4 A’s of Agility’: shared aspiration, emotional alignment, change acceleration, and a sense of achievement.

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