Webinar: Assessment in the age of the algorithm

Adoption of AI is happening quickly and there is a huge potential in talent assessment to create better outcomes for businesses. There is a risk however, that organisations rush into buying technology-enabled solutions without being clear about the problem they are trying to address and what they want to achieve. Ethics and accountability lie at the heart of AI and automation, so we need to be clear about the objectives and expected returns as we would with any other investment.

In this webinar, Alan Bourne, CEO and Jarret Hardie, CTO at Sova, will discuss how science and technology can work hand in hand to deliver effective, efficient and ethical talent assessment processes. The Sova approach seeks to find the balance between embracing the opportunities this emerging technology brings, whilst retaining ethical and scientific rigour.

Drawing on our experience of working with clients to deliver AI-powered assessment solutions, we ask five critical questions to determining success:

  1. Real world readiness: is a technology ready yet?
  2. Prediction: is this building on expertise and evidence or ignoring it?
  3. Diversity and inclusion: are we automating bias?
  4. Transparent and explainable: are the assessment decisions you make transparent?
  5. Future-orientation: are you assessing what you needed in the past or the future?

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