Webinar: Call centre recruitment in the digital age

Next generation customer service

In a digitally connected world, where we work, communicate, shop and access information, faster and more efficiently than ever before, our expectations of customer service are high.

Get it right and you can learn from your customers and improve the relevance of your products or services; get it wrong and you risk customers sharing their experiences with the world and losing business.

So, what does this mean for those on the frontline of customer service?

In this on-demand webinar, we:

  • Examine how call centre recruitment needs to change to meet the demands of the digital age, and what this means for talent acquisition.
  • Share our experience of designing highly personalised online assessments to help Royal Sun Alliance (RSA) accurately and efficiently identify customer service advisors.
  • Show how to design a digitally-enabled assessment process to select the next generation of customer service talent.

View webinar recording (Password: Sova2017)

Download webinar slides (PDF)