Webinar: Predicting the unpredictable – selecting future talent

Finding the right people for the job starts with understanding the job to be done. But what do you do when the world of work is changing rapidly; where traditional jobs are evolving at speed or disappearing altogether? And how do you identify talent from a pool of applicants with little or no experience to embark on a career which is increasingly hard to define?

If you’re responsible for hiring graduates, interns or apprentices, predicting the unpredictable might feel like an apt job description. But really, it’s about finding people who can thrive, adapt and solve problems in an unpredictable world. What’s also clear is that traditional assessment no longer passes the test.

About this webinar

During this on-demand webinar, we demonstrate how to design a personalised, frictionless, end-to-end assessment experience that:

  • Measures the future potential of your talent pool, via ‘whole-person’ assessment.
  • Provides valuable insight about the role and the organisation to your applicants.
  • Delivers robust analytics throughout all stages of the hiring process.
  • Levels the applicant playing field, removing adverse impact.

We’re as keen as you are to ensure that your process delivers measurable impact and a return on your investment. In the webinar, we share insights from recent client projects including Santander and Zurich, focusing on the key business benefits – higher completion rates, reduced time-to-hire, improved quality of hire, enhanced diversity and cost and time savings.

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Download webinar slides (PDF)