Webinar: Rethinking assessment for the digital world

Does your hiring process feel like an out of date hurdle race? Do your applicants complete one narrowly-focused test at a time, resulting in a lengthy, disjointed and uninspiring hiring process? Are you making trade-offs between process efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and cost? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then your assessment process isn’t delivering all that it should.

Traditional approaches to assessment come with compromises. For example, screening large volumes of applications on a single measure in pursuit of process efficiency; or using an off-the-shelf assessment to reduce costs but adds little value to the decision-making process.

At Sova we take a different approach – whole-person assessment. Personalised to the job and your organisation, we combine different types of questions (situational, cognitive and behavioural) into one assessment, focusing only on what is relevant for success in the role, digitally delivered for a rich and engaging candidate experience.

In this on-demand webinar we show you:

  • how to ask less, but learn more using whole-person assessment
  • how to create a fast, seamless, end-to-end assessment process from screening through to digital assessment centre
  • how to measure the true predictors of success in a rapidly transforming world of work, fairly and objectively
  • how this approach is delivering measurable outcomes for organisations such as Santander, Zurich and RSA Group.

Listen to the on-demand recording.