Webinar: Using assessment to level the playing field

At Sova, we’ve long championed fairness and equality in recruitment and career progression. As occupational psychologists, one of our main goals when designing assessments is to provide a truly objective view of a candidate. It’s our role to help companies go beyond the CV and make better, unbiased and fair decisions about talent.

Achieving fairness and objectivity in decision-making becomes even more crucial in tough times, when organisations grappling with increased numbers of applications, reduced vacancies and budget restrictions, risk resorting to blunt instruments of sifting, such as CVs, to reduce large applicant numbers. For those who already receive unfair treatment in the hiring process, such as minority groups, they will feel these changes even more acutely.

Watch on-demand, as we explore:

  • Why traditional assessment and screening tools fail to deliver on diversity
  • A roadmap for designing a fair and ethical recruitment and development
  • Practical steps for building diversity into your assessment process
  • How we’ve helped clients such as Northern Trust and Police Now to develop a realistic and engaging assessment, that puts diversity at the heart of every step in the process

Listen to the recording

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