Sova Agility Practitioner Lab

One of the mission critical challenges facing organisations right now is the management of uncertainty. The level of environmental uncertainty exacerbates the challenges of strategic change, digitalisation and business transformation efforts.

The Sova Agility Practitioner Lab helps executives who are attempting to drive any kind of business and organisational transformation to do so in a way that will create value and sustained improvements in performance.

About the programme

Depending on a clients’ needs and context, we use a combination of assessment, individual and group coaching and role play to give leaders perspective and control over the roles they play.

We explore how personal choices influence change leadership effectiveness, in a safe, creatively alive environment. This in turn provides leaders with the tools to reach their objectives in a VUCA environment. Executives will come away with real tools in order to implement change.

Programme objectives

The programme leaders will challenge executives to look at their role but within the context of a team that is changing and uncertain:

  • Raise personal awareness of leadership styles and biases which influence change leadership effectiveness.
  • Enable a step change for executive level participants in relation to the leadership of change, in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment.
  • Help senior leaders derive greater value from strategic change efforts and better ROI from digitalisation and agile transformations, through the development of leadership agility.
  • Help leaders become more alive to the possibilities of using themselves as conduits for change. Leaders come to appreciate that their modelling of the organisation’s values is something that others will use to adapt their own behaviour.

Through interactive and experiential workshops, we help leaders earn to adapt, improvise, be present and lead from a place of vulnerability. The Agility Practitioner Lab is anchored in real world challenges that leaders face, connecting theory with business results.

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