Analytics with AI

At Sova, we apply AI ethically, intelligently and responsibly to analyse data, generate data-led insights and accurately predict future high performers.

We’re aware of the risk caused by applying powerful tools to a process that isn’t right in the first place and we apply the same principles of fair and objective assessment to the way we use AI and machine learning.

Using the Sova approach, AI is an opportunity to improve accuracy, reduce adverse impact and minimise the risk of poor hires.

AI means we can be future-focused and analyse the true predictors of success in a role without being restricted by frameworks anchored in the past.

Here are some of the ways we’re using AI:


Video interview

Ethically applied AI converts candidate video interviews to text based on the content, not how it’s delivered. We use video transcription to encode video to text and build models that mean future interviews can be read and likely score bands given based on the content. Diversity and inclusion is central to our approach which is designed to lead to accurate and fair decisions, making use of only information relevant to the job.

Online assessment

Before assessments go live, we run an analysis against existing data to ensure accuracy. Once the assessment is live, data from assessments is immediately fed back into the system to continually improve accuracy. Because our assessments are designed to measure the whole person, using AI to guide us, we can ask less but learn more about people without taking any shortcuts.

Live reporting

We apply AI to generate digitally driven people insights that connect people and potential with business results. Reporting is unified with analytical capabilities embedded within our platform meaning data from assessments is easily accessible. Because the Sova platform aggregates and analyses data across the entire employee lifecycle, clients can analyse assessment outcomes across cycles, timeframes and teams.

Real-time monitoring

Best practice assessment is outcomes-led and we use AI to monitor progress towards your desired business outcomes in real-time. Real-time monitoring also acts as a check for bias and adverse impact in assessment data, ensuring the best possible diversity and inclusion outcomes. Lastly, we use AI to close the feedback loop by monitoring on the job performance and progression and we feed this back into the model to better predict future right-fit hires.

Predictive analytics

The ability to link an organisation’s assessment data to medium and long-term business outcomes is the key to success. We’re building increasingly predictive AI-based models that layer factors related to success in an organisation such as engagement and retention to build a more comprehensive picture of potential. As new hires are made, and are onboarded, we can update our algorithms to maximise predictive accuracy, helping to improve overall hiring success.

Using AI in assessment helps our clients to recruit more right-fit hires, eliminate bias, create a better candidate experience, generate hiring efficiencies and build a rich data set. Using Sova’s approach to AI, decisions are based on science and powered by technology because we only use AI tools that pass the test of being ready for real world use.