In today’s fast-moving world, we cannot underestimate the extent to which people shape our organisations. We’re asking more of our people and more of our leaders and therefore we need to ensure they are equipped to operate in complex and agile environments.

Leadership agility is about leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, in an era of transformational change and digitalisation. In agile organisations, leaders create shared aspiration, build emotional alignment, ensure the capacity for change acceleration and enable the achievement of enterprise objectives.

Agility means people are not just ready for change; they are able to harness its power.

Our philosophy

Sova’s consulting offering helps leaders at all levels adopt a future-focused and agility-orientated mindset.

By embedding new ways of thinking in the organisation, that are manifested through strategy, innovation, product development and leadership, we help leaders to capitalise on sources of complexity in our operating environment.

The Sova model

The Sova model is built on the four important aspects of leadership agility, which we call the Four A's of Agility:

  • Achievement - Creates an impact by getting business results, communicating honestly and authentically to make a positive, sustained and meaningful difference to customers and stakeholders.
  • Aspiration - Willing to learn in uncertain operating conditions, embraces new techniques and approaches; navigates effectively through ambiguity and complexity to provide strategic insight.
  • Acceleration - Acts as a catalyst for transformation; combining speed, creativity and tenacity to get results despite change and volatility.
  • Alignment - Builds a diverse network of contacts; engages others by seeking their perspective and understanding their needs; role models collaboration to create emotional alignment to shared purpose.

Our programme includes the Leadership Agility Assessment and Agility Practitioner Lab which have been built in collaboration with Dr Kiran Chitta. Kiran is a leading international organisational psychologist, specialising in global leadership and organisation development.

The programme

Our agility programmes are anchored in real world challenges your leaders face, connecting theory with business results. Depending on a clients’ needs and context, we use a combination of psychometrics, individual and group coaching and role to give leaders perspective and control over the roles they play.

We explore how their personal choices influence change leadership effectiveness, in a safe, creatively alive environment. This in turn will give them the tools to reach their objectives in a VUCA world.

Goals of the leadership agility programme:

  • Enhance the agility of business leaders and managers
  • Apply a framework for strategy execution, change and high performance in organisations
  • Avoid biases and dilemmas that often lead to internal conflict and poor business outcomes
  • Understand differences in leadership preferences and approaches across a range of business situations
  • Explore and surface participants’ own realities and scenarios

Whether your core objective is organisational development, business transformation, succession planning or personal development, Sova’s leadership development programmes enhance the experience of development for leaders at all levels and high potential talent.