Digital Assessment Centre

The assessment centre is a key milestone and brand-building opportunity in the hiring process, so it’s important to deliver a positive and developmental experience for candidates whilst gleaning the right information in a fair and consistent manner.

Organisations typically prioritise investment in the early part of the recruitment process such as careers pages and screening which are engaging, digital and frictionless. But, it’s often the case that once candidates get to assessment centre, the process reverts back to being paper-based and inefficient.

This can be damaging to candidate experience as well as time consuming for recruiters and open to bias. Sova’s Digital Assessment Centre fixes the digital disconnect.

About the Digital Assessment Centre

Using our digital assessment centre platform, the same competencies are flowed through from initial assessment to video interview and into the assessment centre:

  • Administration and scheduling: The platform manages administration and provides automated timetabling. Candidates and assessors are provided with personalised task lists with information on the times, rooms and candidates they will assess.
  • Assessor materials and scoring: Assessors can view all briefing materials, review candidate CVs, quickly score candidates and record notes.
  • Candidate exercise materials: Candidates can access exercise materials and respond (e.g. draft an email response) via their digital device.
  • Wash-up session and online dashboards: Data is collated online to provide an instant overview of scores and group level data to inform the decision-making process.
  • Reporting: All scores and notes are pulled into an automated candidate or assessor report. Candidate reports provide narrative on highest and lowest performing areas. The report for assessors includes narrative describing candidate performance during each exercise