Digital Assessment Centre

Our virtual assessment centre technology transforms the experience for candidates and assessors – even when face-to-face is no longer an option

The assessment centre is a key milestone and brand-building opportunity in the hiring process, so it’s important to deliver a positive and developmental experience for candidates whilst gleaning the right information in a fair and consistent manner.

Organisations typically prioritise investment in the early part of the recruitment process such as careers pages and screening which are engaging, digital and frictionless. But, it’s often the case that once candidates get to assessment centre, the process reverts back to being paper-based and inefficient.

This can be damaging to candidate experience as well as time consuming for recruiters and open to bias. Sova’s Digital Assessment Centre fixes the digital disconnect and is being used by organisations such as British Airways, Deloitte, National Australia Bank, Equinor and PoliceNow. The technology can be deployed in face to face assessment centres, or in conjunction with video conferencing technology for a fully virtual assessment experience.


How does it work?

  • Online exercises: Each of your exercises, be it an interview, case study, role play or group exercise, is configured within the digital assessment centre software. This enables assessors to manage and score each activity, and candidates can access their materials and respond in exercises where relevant.
  • Scheduling: The pain of managing the assessment centre timetable is then removed via scheduling tools which can automatically populate the schedule with candidates matched to assessors, removing the need for an individual to create each timetable. In virtual deployment, the system enables coordinated allocation of Zoom video conferencing rooms to each activity, removing the need for any logistical coordination on the day – this is all fully built into the schedule.
  • Virtual assessment: Each assessor is provided with their own schedule of tasks for the assessment process on their laptop, which they work through chronologically. Within each exercise they access the correct virtual conference room to connect with the candidate, be that an individual or group exercise. As each exercise is completed, assessors submit their results which are captured centrally in the Digital Assessment Centre results matrix. Equally for candidates, the experience is similar straightforward to ensure everyone is in the right place, at the right time.
  • Online results matrix and wash-up: No collation of results is needed at the end of the assessment centre as these have all been collected in real time as the centre progresses. Assessors can regroup for a review and wash-up session as soon as the centre is complete, with a full results dashboard fully populated.
  • Reporting: In addition to the summary dashboard, automated candidate and assessor reports and be produced immediately upon completion, ready to share with stakeholders as required.

The Digital Assessment Centre allows all aspects of scheduling, virtual assessment, and online results capture and reporting in one cohesive solution. Analysis shows significant time savings on administration of up to 30% as well as significantly more efficient use of assessors through the automated scheduling tools compared to manual timetabling.