Executive Development

To thrive in a digital world, leaders need to change the way they think, relate to others, drive action and get results in highly matrixed and increasingly networked organisations. Building a high-performance leadership team that is able to thrive in a complex, agile environment requires the collective development of leaders both as individuals and as part of a team. The basis for development is to understand the key determinants of effective leadership in your organisation.

Organisational and team diagnosis and development

Sova’s leadership development programmes are group level interventions focused on areas including leadership agility, leadership derailment and resilience. Our programmes are anchored in real world challenges your leaders face, connecting theory with business results. Leaders learn how to develop themselves, the organisation and teams as a collective through a combination of psychometric assessments and feedback sessions, individual and group coaching sessions with our team of organisational psychologists.

Our approach

Work with Sova’s expert occupational psychologists to design a customised executive development solution. Tap into Sova’s fully configurable online platform to deliver assessments and then follow-up with group and individual level feedback and development sessions. We provide a report written by one of our psychologists for each delegate and we can also provide ongoing coaching to leaders throughout the duration of the programme.

Designed by psychologists, delivered by technology

We can work with you to design a comprehensive leadership development programme or specific modules and content for your existing leadership development programme.

  • Psychology: Work with our team of organisational psychologists to understand and define the developmental requirements of your leadership population now and in the future.
  • Technology: Sova’s unified assessment platform, including our digital development centre, support the assessment and development process through engaging and interactive content.
  • Customised: Content is created specifically for your organisation and is highly interactive, using real-life business simulations. Our platform is custom branded using your colours, logo, and tone of voice.
  • Reporting: Personalised reports provide insight into judgement style, leadership agility, traits and potential derailers, and 360 ratings of key competencies.
  • Ongoing development: Results are easily fed into development planning and objective setting. We repeat the 360 and skills scan assessments to measure behavioural change.
  • Scalable: To make our solution scalable, our team of organisational psychologists can train your internal coaches to facilitate development sessions.

Sova’s digital development centre

  • Custom designed content and hosting of your existing content
  • Stories and scenarios based on your organisational context
  • Post-programme assessment, analytics and collation of candidate feedback
  • Group level analytics to demonstrate business impact and ROI
  • Post-programme developmental feedback sessions to sustain behaviour change

“Power your people decisions using Sova’s unified assessment platform, guided by the knowledge of our expert occupational psychologists. Combining the best of science and the best of technology, our programmes develop highly agile teams to lead organisations into the future.”