Graduate Recruitment

The graduate hiring process is like no other. Graduates will most likely be applying to multiple organisations and plan to make a long-term commitment to their employer of choice. To secure the best talent, organisations need to ensure the right candidates stay in the process which is difficult if that process becomes long and cumbersome as recruiters sift through huge numbers of applications.

Why should a candidate join your organisation over another? In graduate hiring, showcasing your employer brand, offering a realistic preview of the role and providing a positive candidate experience can make all the difference.

The profile of the graduate hire is changing too. Digital transformation and the ever-changing nature of work mean it’s more important to measure for qualities like agility, resilience, work-readiness and future potential rather than traditional attributes. Some assessment processes struggle to keep up.

Our philosophy

Sova Assessment offers a customised and relevant assessment journey that is free from adverse impact and is up to 90% accurate at predicting future high performers.

Customised to the organisation and to the role, our platform enables organisations to use assessment as an employer branding exercise, offering candidates a real insight into their future career.

The Sova process is a seamless digital mobile-first assessment that supports digital transformation and meet today’s user expectations. Our platform enables organisations to recruit quickly, at scale, without compromising on candidate experience or outcomes.

Sova’s whole-person approach assesses only what’s important for success in the role. This means a shorter, more engaging, precise and targeted assessment process.

For clients, it means a higher calibre of hires, fewer drop-outs, improved diversity and a faster recruitment cycle. Plus, our paperless efficient process means organisations should make cost-savings too.

Every process is different, being designed around the client’s desired outcomes and may include:

  • Realistic job previews: These assessments help candidates at the beginning of their job application to better understand the role and the company, so they can decide early on whether this is the right opportunity for them before entering the hiring journey. This keeps best-fit candidates in the process and helps screen out those less suited.
  • Welcome and thank you videos: Customised video content including a welcome, a thank you, and a ‘day in the life of’ improve candidate engagement and provide a valuable insight into people and the organisation. This is an opportunity to start showcasing your employer brand.
  • Whole-person assessment: We ask less but learn more through a modular assessment that includes a customised combination of cognitive, personality, motivation, adaptive SJTs, making best use of candidates’ time. These can be delivered in a range of formats to reflect the organisation’s employer brand and to appeal to your target talent pool. Find out more about whole-person assessment.
  • Video Interview: Questions are linked to assessment criteria determined by what success looks like in a role, in a specific organisation. Candidates record their responses, ready for review and scoring by the recruitment team. Video interview technology reduces the cost of the hiring and time spent with less suitable candidates.
  • Reporting: Candidates receive a report that is positive and developmental in style so regardless of the outcome they receive feedback from the process. Hiring managers receive an easy-to-interpret report with a fit-to-role score and suggestions for interview questions, personalised to the role and your organisation.
  • Digital assessment centre: This technology fully automates the administration and timetabling of the assessment centre to maximise efficiency. Moving to a paperless process allows assessors to input their notes, ratings and scores directly online, improving consistency, identifying sources of bias and saving time pre and post assessment centre. Learn more about digital assessment centres.