High Potential Identification

The knowledge, skills and attributes needed for tomorrow’s world of work are difficult to predict which is why it’s vital to assess leadership potential, not only performance. Measuring an individual’s potential and readiness to progress enables organisations to build their talent pipeline and to nurture future leaders who can embrace uncertainty, complexity and volatility - and take others with them.

Objective and fair

A holistic view of leadership potential focuses on assessing the leadership qualities needed to thrive against a backdrop of transformation, complexity and digitalisation. Holistic and objective assessment can help your organisation understand its talent pipeline, identify those ready to step up, and design a talent strategy that will prepare your organisation for the future.

Our approach

Work with Sova’s expert occupational psychologists to design a customised assessment based on our model of leadership agility. Then use Sova’s fully configurable assessment platform to deliver digital assessment and development centres. The Sova model is built on four aspects of leadership agility; achievement, aspiration, acceleration and alignment. We’ll customise the model and assessments to your organisational context and goals. After the assessment programme we’ll help you design targeted learning and development solutions to prepare your leaders of the future.

Designed by psychologists, delivered by technology

We take a holistic, objective view of organisational development that will upskill potential leaders in line with the business needs.

  • Psychology: Work with our occupational psychologists to define potential in your organisation’s context. Our team of psychologists can provide coaching support for delegates, or training for coaches and managers.
  • Technology: Sova’s unified assessment platform, and our immersive digital assessment and development centres, offer an engaging and interactive candidate experience that is customised for your organisation.
  • Customised: The programme design is created specifically for your organisation using Sova’s fully configurable platform. Programme follow-up and development planning is at the individual and group level.
  • Reporting: Individual and group level analytics demonstrate business impact and ROI. Reports enable HR to offer guidance to managers on development conversations and supportive yet challenging stretch opportunities.
  • Ongoing development: Development toolkits for each participant comprise activities and experiences that will help an individual raise self-awareness and ready them to progress. Smart objective setting, reflective learning and overcoming challenges are part of the ongoing development programme.
  • Scalable: To make the programme scalable we’ll train internal talent champions to scale assessment and development planning.

Immersive digital assessment and development centres

  • An engaging and immersive experience for delegates based around a key storyline and theme specific to your organisation.
  • A focus on eliciting evidence relating to the leadership agility model as well as core indicators of readiness to progress.
  • Post intervention 360 and development planning to track behavioural change.

“Power your people decisions using Sova’s unified assessment platform, guided by the knowledge of our expert occupational psychologists. Our flexible methodology for assessing people and potential enables organisations to measure the true predictors of success.”