Our Approach

For us and for our clients, there’s no such thing as a standard solution. We start with your business question and we blend technology and psychology to answer it in the most effective way. We work within your parameters by asking the right questions, offering challenge and supporting you to achieve the best outcomes. Then, we close the feedback loop by revisiting the relationship between performance in assessment and performance in-role, over time, so you can be assured that every part of your assessment process is still valid, relevant and future-focused.

Pinpoint what success looks like in a role in your organisation. Working with you, we explore what your business really needs from your workforce, now and in the future. What values, behaviours and skills will align with your culture and strategy?

Define what outcomes you need the assessment solution to deliver. Together we agree an approach that will best mitigate your business challenges and support growth.What outcomes from assessment matter most to you?

Design a solution that is personalised to the role, organisational context, and your brand. We pilot the solution and test it for fairness, and ensure it is robust and delivers the right results. We refine the assessment based on the results of the pilot. Is the assessment measuring what you need?

Launch the assessment as part of your hiring or development process. The solution is fully integrated with your in-house technology to create a seamless user experience.

Enable you and your team to get the very best from the assessment. Something we’re committed to at Sova is ensuring our clients see return on investment. We’ll help you use your assessment in a way that is aligned with best practice, ethically applied, and effective.

Evaluate to ensure the assessment is measuring the true predictors of success now and for the future. We measure short-term metrics determined at the outset, and long-term metrics including high performance in role. We validate the solution periodically to check for relevance and adverse impact. Have there been changes in your strategy that need to be reflected in the talent you need?