Whole-person Assessment

Traditional assessment is like a hurdle race. Candidates complete one narrowly-focused test at a time and at each stage some fall out of the race. With whole-person assessment, the entire selection funnel is re-engineered.

Whole-person assessment means you no longer have to compromise between outcomes because we assess all the factors that matter at once, through one assessment, fairly and objectively. Whole-person assessment identifies better-fit candidates and boosts diversity, plus it’s faster because its simpler. We ask less but learn more about people without taking any shortcuts.

About whole-person assessment

Sova’s whole-person assessment is a single, coherent assessment containing a combination of different question types personalised to your organisation. Whole-person assessment blends a range of a range of assessment types including situational judgment, personality and ability questions into one assessment.

Features of whole-person assessment

  • Can include a combination of off-the-shelf, customised and client assessment content.
  • Candidates complete the process in their own time, on any mobile device. Videos and emails signpost the way, maintaining communication throughout.
  • All candidates receive an automated feedback report with two positive points and an area for development, regardless of whether they are successful.
  • Content can include videos about the organisation and life in the role, plus realistic job previews, and ‘thank you’ videos.
  • We work with you to identify the right configuration of questions for your organisation.

Benefits of whole-person assessment

  • A better candidate experience, asking less but learning more about the whole person.
  • A more relevant experience as assessment is personalised, feedback is provided, and candidates get a greater understanding of the role and business.
  • The introduction of a communication channel that includes videos, information and resources.
  • Measure the true predictors of success by analysing the capabilities and behaviours that drive success in a role over time.
  • Because our assessments are not restricted by legacy models or by frameworks anchored in the past, we can provide a future-focused view of people and potential.
  • Reduced adverse impact through a more genuinely meritocratic approach.

“Feedback from candidates is that more than 90% find the whole-person assessment experience engaging and that the assessment has given them a positive impression of the hiring organisation.”