White paper: An introduction to whole-person assessment

Ten years ago, the most sought-after characteristic in a candidate was ‘conscientiousness’; the desire to do one’s work well and thoroughly.

Fast forward to 2019, and taking its place is ‘agility’.

At a time when the world of work is changing, a major predictor of success is now the ability to adapt to change, deal with the unpredictable and be part of transformation.

The fourth industrial revolution means we need to assess and develop people in a different way. But companies are limited by their assessment software which is usually based on a model that is a legacy of paper-based processes. Therefore, there is a bigger and bigger disconnect between what companies need and what their assessment processes are set up to achieve.

This paper offers an introduction to an alternative which is whole-person assessment.

At Sova we developed whole-person assessment so companies can measure all the factors that matter at once, through one assessment, fairly and objectively. Whole person assessment isn’t restricted by legacy models or by frameworks anchored in the past, so it can provide a future-focused view of people and potential.

Using the questions at the end of this paper, you can audit your current approach to assessment and explore the benefits which whole-person assessment can offer.

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