Candidate FAQs

Assessment preparation

Can I complete the assessments on a mobile device or tablet?

Yes, our assessments are compatible on a mobile, tablet or laptop, so you can use whichever device you feel most comfortable with.

What browsers are compatible?

While we support Chrome, Firefox and Edge, we recommend using Chrome to ensure the best quality assessment experience.

Can I complete practice questions?

You will have the opportunity to complete a series of practice questions at the beginning of your assessment. Your answers to the practice questions do not count towards your score on the assessment.

I have requirements which may impact my ability to do the assessment – what should I do?

We recommend that in the first instance you talk to the hiring organisation about your specific needs. There are a range of adjustments we can make to the assessment process to ensure it meets your needs.

Technical issues

The assessment is not loading on the whole page.

This may be related to the internet browser being used to complete the assessment. We recommend using Google Chrome for the best quality assessment experience.

I lost internet connection half way through. Is it possible to restart?

To log back in and continue the assessment where you left off, simply follow the link in your invitation email.

I can’t move on to the next question – what is happening?

Please make sure you have read the instructions on how to answer the questions carefully – some ability questions may require two or more answers, whilst personality questions ask you to only select one answer in each column. Once you have selected all the answers necessary, you will be able to click ‘Next’ to move on to the next question.

When completing the personality questionnaire, why can't I choose the same rating for different statements?

You are asked to respond in this way as it helps an employer to gain a more accurate insight in to your individual preferences, which would not be possible if you were able to provide the same rating for all of the presented statements.

Download our Troubleshooting Guide to find out more about basic system requirements and who to contact if you require additional technical support.